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Consultants to Motor Carriers

Our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in the trucking industry and we stay on top of the regulation changes at the Federal, State, and Local level that can impact you and your customers.


Len Dunman / Safety Director / Mercer Transportation

For virtually all of Mercer’s thirty year history, Mann Consultant Services have been an integral part of our safety program. The reason is simple, Mann Consultant Services can provide expert assistance with any aspect of motor carrier safety.

We have utilized the services of Mann Consultant Services for many years.  They have assisted us with all of our DOT compliance issues.  Paschall Truck Lines would recommend Mann Consultant Services to any other motor carrier. 

John Hayman/ V.P. of Safety & Risk Management / Paschall Truck Lines

Arnel Megino / Director of Operations / Feeding America

MANN Consultant Services has been providing Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, with the best service available in the motor carrier consultancy industry since 2010. The decision to work with MANN Consultant Services was a key move for our food bank to remain DOT compliant at all times. With a great, responsive and courteous staff, it is a pleasure to do business with MANN Consultant Services. This organization is highly recommended.

Our Services

Our Services

Random Consortium

This program put your drivers in a pool of over 6000 with other drivers from other clients. Every year our consortium has met the required testing requirements.

Client Random

If you would rather not be in a consortium, this program puts your drivers in your own pool. Clients in both programs are notified of selections, compliance, and receive bi-annual statistical summaries.

Driver Qualification Files & Notification

We will audit your files in accordance with 49CFR391 and notify you of all non-compliance issues. 

Mock Federal Audit

An experienced Safety Consultant will notify you of all non-compliance issues, and provide you realistic solutions that fit your individual situation.


Training topics range from Safety Manager Training, to Reasonable Suspicion Training, and to driver meetings. Certificates of completion are issued after successfully completing that training.

And Much More

We offer an array of many services to meet your many needs.

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